Consultancy and Assistance in Human Resources Management

Consultancy and Assistance on Negotiation, Conflict Management and Problem Solving


An effort is exerted to ensure that treatment of our clients can be characterised as maximally individual. No unified solutions are offered; the content of each order is proceeded with the particular needs of the client kept in mind. In the case of the courses it is anticipated that the content will be adapted to the personal needs and requirements of the participants during the course.

It is also supposed that it is more pleasant for our clients that all the information about every case is kept in discretion before, during, and after the contract instead of a wide publicity about our company activities.

Concerning language barriers, all our services can be offered in Czech, Slovak and English (some also in Polish and Russian) languages directly. In the case of French and German, a simultaneous interpretation is provided by our company subcontractors.

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In the educational field, our services are offered for an improvement in

  • customer communication (what creates the image; means and content of communication; verbal and non-verbal communication; how to “read” the customer; ...)
  • conflict management (conflict sources, causes and consequences; sustainable solution principles; ...)
  • negotiation (the role of negotiation; negotiation strategies and methods; negotiation in practice)
  • preparation and conducting a business discussion (strategy and tactics; possible methods; pricing and contracts; business ethics; ...)
  • quality of customer service (criteria of success; methods for anticipating customer needs; complaint management; ...)
  • team work – the basics (team functionality principles, team roles, inner-team relationships, team success requirements, discovering of individual's teamwork participation potential)
  • effective teambuilding (team diagnostics, the team and the individual; communication and cooperation skills improvement, sustainable team development, team and organisation)
  • mass media communication (fundamentals of effective communication; communication with reporters; crisis management)
  • methods of creative management (competence delegation; creative problem solving; meeting management)
  • training of sales representatives (identifying customers; first contact; discussion process; agent's work organisation; ...)
  • time management (working day; business trips; telephone calls and meetings; ...)
  • the art of rest (relaxation and regeneration techniques; stress management and stress prevention methods)
  • human resources management (human resources recruitment; admission and induction of employees; employee development; performance retaining and improvement)

and other related topics.

As apparent, the focus is only on the soft skills training, to develop social skills to their maximum potential, without aspiration to cover the hard skills training.

The training is conducted in small training groups (from 4 to 18 participants – depending on the topic). Courses are facilitated in an interactive way; the focus is on training of practical skills using participatory lecture methods, simulation games, case studies and other group training techniques. Frequently, the experience learning method is used. Particularly for teamwork, teambuilding, conflict management, creative problem solving trainings indoor and outdoor trainings are combined; outdoor trainings are performed in a close cooperation with our friends from Team Spirit. To get an objective feedback, an audio and/or video recording is used when possible.

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In the consultancy and assistance in HRM,

the focus is at the assistance throughout the selection process as well as at the assistance at the placement of candidates to particular working positions – especially from the security management of human resources point of view. Even though our activities in this area are not too widespread, we assume we are able to offer the rather unique approach to candidates’ diagnostics. Our approach is based on methods and techniques coming from a group training, when the personality characteristics of the participants are judged from their behaviour during the group session. By our conviction, this approach is not only (from the client’s point of view) economic in time and finances but basically it yields more useful results.
We also offer complex human resources auditing, including an audit of processes which should be done at first.

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In the consultancy and assistance activities which cover the area of conflict management, negotiation and problem solving,

our activities are focused both on external company affairs – settlement, complicated contract discussion, relations with lobby groups – as well as on internal problems – consultations on internal conflicts; we can also assist you in private conflicts – with partners, neighbours etc..

We are focused to conflict management by negotiation or via mediation. (We do not offer law services; external attorneys office can be engaged if necessary. Two of our consultants are also specialized for partner/family counselling and therapy.)

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